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Virtue Names

because you can never have too many character-creation resources

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I remembered another one!

"Canola," y/y?

(I’d actually kind of like to name one of my future rats that.  And since you’re supposed to keep them in twos, I think I’d have to call her friend Olive…)

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Words that sound like names, but aren’t
  • Astrolabe*
  • Baleen
  • Bergamot*
  • Canola
  • Concertina
  • Curried*
  • Maffick**
  • Maudlin*
  • Myrade*
  • Neophyte*
  • Patina*
  • Ramadan*
  • Roux*
  • Taupe*
  • Velveteen*

Anybody else want to add to the list?

*contributed by friendlytroll

**contributed by oneswhouseyou

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