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So I’m thinking of doing the 30 Days of Character Development as in-character posts over on Ask Flutter…would that be weird?  I feel like I’d need to turn them all into legit “letters” to keep everything in-world, because I’m obsessive about these things (I spent time figuring out how to explain my intermediary…ness on both the Flutter and Carcer blogs, because of that). 

I DON’T WANT TO SOCKPUPPET but I’d like to write more stuff for Flutter and there’s only one question in the inbox right now, and that’s been sitting there forever because I have no idea how to answer it in-character….

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#30 days of character development 
  1. friendlytroll said: Maybe they;re an interview from the times? x3
  2. bookhobbit said: I don’t know how it could possibly be considered weird! It seems very sensible to me.
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